If you’re looking for things to change or grow in your relationship, but nothing is happening, you might need to ask yourself this IMPORTANT question. Are you willing? In this week’s podcast, I reveal how to use this question as part of a process to uncover some of the hidden obstacles to progress in your relationship (or in general).

Also, on December 14th 2016 Chloe and I will be offering a free webinar: The 50-Minute Relationship Breakthrough. In it, we reveal a simple 3-Step Strategy to build deep intimacy with your partner, transform conflict into connection, and uncover new tools and possibilities to keep your relationship alive and thriving. Click here to register! It’s at 1pm Eastern (US), but there will be a replay available if you cannot be there live. As long as you’re signed up we’ll be able to send you the link to the replay.

Looking forward to hearing about your insights, and seeing you for the webinar!