If you want insight on how to figure out who you are, follow your dreams, and succeed in life, there are any number of personal development sites out there offering superb information.  Surely one of the most-offered bits of wisdom is that we should pursue our passion(s) and develop a solid vision for where they might take us.  If we can imagine where we want to be, if we can get into the feeling of where we want to be, then we will eventually find ourselves where we want to be.  As simple as that (with a whole lot of action in between, most likely).  However, for all the personal development writing out there, I haven't seen much of what specific dreams, other than writing about personal development, the personal development writers have.  Personally, I believe that we've all come to this lifetime to create something, to have a personal dream that's something more than "helping others create their dreams".  And for those of us who also read about personal development, we want to learn through example.  How does having a dream - even some "crazy" distant dream, actually manifest in the world?  I want to see it happen!  That's where this challenge comes in.

Are you a personal development writer? 

Now's your chance!  Tell your readers all about one of your wildest dreams.  You can be as detailed (or as succinct) as you want to be - what we're interested in is learning about a personal dream of yours that's outside of the realm of writing about personal development and helping others along their path.  Many of us have talked about the "magic wand" test - well, if I could wave the magic wand for you right here and now, what dream would YOU have realized?  What will be your personal stamp on the world, the thing that you create that's a pure expression of your unique you, the thing (outside of personal development stuff) that'd bring you the most joy?  All you have to do is tell us!  Create the vision for us - and make it public.  Reveal your dream.

Are you a personal development reader?

Have you been waiting to define your dream, waiting to discover what the perfect dream for yourself is?  Stop waiting!  Take this opportunity to define the dream, and, if you have a blog, post your dream on your blog.  If you don't have a blog, you can simply leave it in the comments on someone else's blog (like this one, for instance).  The point is to make it public, which will help you move down the path of making it real for yourself.  Oh, and one more thing that you could do (if you don't mind) - if your favorite Personal Development blogger hasn't responded to the "Reveal Your Dream" challenge yet, could you send them to this post?

The Rules

  1. Reveal your dream for the world to see, either on your blog (if you're a blogger) or in the comments of a blog (like this one).
  2. Remember, it's a dream - so aim high!  If your inner critic tells you that your dream isn't "realistic", tell your inner critic to take a hike.  State one of your wildest dreams AS IS.  Using the present tense in your description will be helpful in terms of actually formulating an "intention" from your dream (and generating the feeling of its already having transpired).
  3. Tag some other bloggers, or friends.  Don't forget this step!
  4. Links back to this post are appreciated, but not essential.  You could just mention that you're responding to the Reveal Your Dream challenge on NeilSattin.com.
  5. That's it - start manifesting!

My Dream:

Here's a dream of mine that I'd love to see come true.  In my dream, I'm playing music for 2000 people, in a large auditorium (I'm imagining Merrill Auditorium in Portland, Maine - but any auditorium will do).  Everyone is really excited about the music, so the energy in the place is high.  It feels like a community event - even though I'm on stage, everyone is part of the show.  I teach members of the audience the words to the chorus of one of my songs, and as I sing everyone sings along.  It's an amazingly good time, and everyone's spirits are lifted by the music, the singing, and the laughs.  Of course there are laughs.

Tag, you're it!  Some Personal Development Writers I enjoy, and whose dreams I want to know:

One last thing

You're allowed to have many dreams, but you don't have to reveal EVERYTHING for the world to see - just pick one of them for this challenge.  Also, the beauty of being human and having the freedom of choice is that you can always change your mind - and by setting the wheels in motion for the dream you mention you'll be able to make an informed choice.  Reveal your dream for the world to see.  It's risky, but I promise you'll thank me down the road.  Oh, and please keep in touch - I want to hear how it all goes!