Getting to the Heart of Personal Development

Hello and welcome to Neil  This site is dedicated to Getting to the Heart of Personal Development - which means that my aim is to help you figure out who you are and what your dreams might be, and then to give you tools to assist you in making your dreams a reality.  However, figuring out who you are isn't a mental exercise, it involves getting to know yourself at the deepest level possible.  The reason I talk about the "heart" of personal development is because living true to your core is an exercise in feeling with your whole self.  You will develop the ability to understand and trust your feelings and intuition, and you will learn how to use that understanding as a guide to making your dreams come true.  When you are living a life in alignment with your higher self and your passion(s), you will feel "right".  I want to help you get there.

Do you want a life that feels balanced?  Do you want to wake up every day excited for what that day will bring?  Do you want the perfect balance of financial health, emotional health, physical health, mental health, spiritual health?  Finding that balance is a process that involves living with intention, and taking time to sense what you actually need in a given situation.  You can't plan out your entire life!  But you can take the next right step, followed by the next right step, followed by the next right step - and your life, as a series of "right steps", will coalesce into the kind of life that gives you what you want.  And I'm talking about what you really want - the desires that are contained within you, that are a unique expression of who you are and what you came to this world to create.

How you can use this site: 

I do believe that we each were born with a unique mission to fulfill.  As I uncover my own mission, my goal is to help you along with your own journey.  After all, no one succeeds alone.  Please be sure to bookmark this site or subscribe to my RSS feed, so that you can check in regularly and stay focused on the "heart" of your own personal development.

  1. Personal Development Blog - The blog is THE place on where you will find articles on all sorts of Personal Development topics.  I write regularly, so there will always be something here to get you thinking, feeling, and - even better - acting!  The "Categories" section on the left-hand side of the screen will help you navigate through the articles if you have a specific question that you'd like to address.
  2. Services  - Along with having a lifetime of experience in the field of Personal Development ( 🙂 ), I have also worked professionally as a business/personal consultant for more than 9 years.  Visit the services page to find out more about how I can offer you more personalized assistance.
  3. Music - I've been a musician for nearly as long as I've been alive, and I've written songs for the past 20 years.  With the birth of my son, Dashiell, I've experienced a resurgence of creativity and songwriting, and I am posting songs here as they're recorded.  Visit my Music page, where you'll find my original tunes presented for your listening pleasure - something for adults and kids alike.
  4. Contact Me - I love hearing from my readers, so if you have a comment, question, or something specific that you'd like to see addressed on the blog, please drop by my contact page to let me know.

Who is this Neil Sattin character, anyway?!?

I'm a lucky person, because I was always encouraged by my family to follow my passions.  Over the course of my life, while my "careers" have been everything from software developer to clown's apprentice, my overall purpose has been to live with intention, to stay true to myself, and to live courageously.  There have been tough times, and there have been amazing times.  With, my goal is to share a bit of myself with you, and to tell you all about what I've learned about being true to oneself.  If I can make it any easier for you to discover your dreams, pursue them, and make them happen, then I will have succeeded.  Feel free to visit my About page to find out even more about me.