What are you projecting onto the world around you? How do you figure it out? And how can you use what you discover to grow, to live with MORE integrity? In this week's episode, I'm sharing with you a simple, powerful practice to get in touch with your strengths - and your weaknesses, through the way that you project these things onto the other people in your life. It may sound simple, but you can find deep healing, and disconnect from toxic patterns (and toxic people).

This week I also share some of my experience with using the service provided by Talkspace.com, one of Relationship Alive's sponsors. Especially here in the holiday season I'm finding it useful to have an extra layer of support - simply being able to write to a therapist and have them get back to me, daily, has already been helpful for me! As a reminder, Talkspace is offering $30 off your first month if you use the coupon code "ALIVE."

Finally - it's Thanksgiving week here in the USA. I'm so grateful for your time and attention each week - and your feedback that helps make the podcast what it is!