Does perfectionism get in the way in your relationship? How do you navigate the gap between how things are – and how you’d like them to be? What do you do if you find yourself being judgmental of your partner – or if they’re judging you? In this week’s episode, we talk about how to get related to the imperfection in your relationship in a way that will foster deep connection and compassion. Rather than getting lost in shame, and blame, discover a way to bring vibrancy to your relationship by getting clear, courageous, and vulnerable about who you truly are.

Also, in this episode we are starting a new series, featuring the music of talented, lesser-known musicians as a way of diving even more deeply into the experience of whatever we’re talking about on the show. If you know an amazing song by a local, regional, or independent act that’s relevant to the conversation about relationships, communication, dating, sex – etc. – let me know! If it feels right (and the musicians would like the exposure of being on the podcast), then I’d be delighted to feature them in an upcoming episode.

This episode features the song “Uncertifiable” by David Grant and the Reveals – from their new album “Because Tomorrow”. 

David Grant and the Reveals on iTunes

David Grant and the Reveals on Bandcamp

David Grant and the Reveals – Because Tomorrow – on Spotify

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Amazing intro/outro music graciously provided courtesy of:

The Railsplitters – Check them Out