As of this writing, we're already 3 days into the new year (2008).  Do you have a vision for what this year might bring?  I'm talking about a SPECIFIC vision, one that enables you to sit down, close your eyes, and imagine every detail of what you'd like for your life in the coming year.  While you're envisioning the coming year, you'll also be able to feel the feeling of having attained your goals - and that's the feeling that will propel you forward towards making your goals a reality.  Your vision has to be clear if you want the Law of Attraction to be working for you.

I'm going to break it down into a few topics for you, as an outline to help you through the process of formulating your vision.  You'll want to reserve a little bit of time for yourself - perhaps a series of 15 minute writing breaks each day for the next several days until you've covered all of the areas and feel good about the "completeness" of your vision (I use the quotes because we can't presume to know everything that's going to happen to us over the coming year - and we also want to retain a certain degree of flexibility as we adjust to the circumstances that life throws our way).  Use your journal (electronic or pen-and-paper) - something that'll be easy to access whenever you want to refresh your memory (or make modifications).  Here are the areas you want to address in your vision:

  1. What are you doing for a living?  Talk about what specifically you're doing, how many hours you work, where your work takes place, what your source(s) of income are, and how much income you're generating.  Who are your "customers" - and how do they feel about the service that you provide?  How does that make you feel?
  2. If your work and recreation aren't completely integrated, what else are you doing for "fun" (although your work is fun, right?)?  Do you have any cool vacations planned?  What places would you like to see?  What hobbies do you want to pursue?  How do you ensure your fitness - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual?
  3. Describe your physical surroundings in the various areas of your life.  How are your surroundings organized?  What does your furniture look like?  What projects do you intend to complete around the house?  Are your papers organized?  Your bookshelves?  Your refrigerator?  What colors are the spaces, and what feeling do you have when you're there?
  4. Detail the time that you intend to spend with your family and friends.  What's your ideal amount of time with the people close to you?  What are you doing together?  How do you stay in touch with each other?  How can you participate in the lives of your children, your parents, and your close friends?
  5. Imagine what you're doing for education and growth over the coming year.  Are you learning a new language?  Studying a new field?  Overcoming your fear of math?  Taking guitar lessons?  Learning how to ride a unicycle?  What are some ways that you can push your boundaries, to get out of your comfort zone and experience more of what life has to offer?
  6. Who are some of the people you might be meeting?  Are there people who can help you attain your goals?  Are there people you can help?  Who are the people there, with you, as you help each other achieve your respective visions of success?
  7. What kinds of things would you accomplish in a typical week?  Simply talk about what a typical week might look like, how much progress you'd make in the various areas of your life, and what the pace of your life would feel like.  What does it feel like to achieve the perfect balance - when everything has come together in all aspects of your life? 

The point of answering these questions is for you to be as specific as possible about the vision that you have for yourself over the coming year.  If you have a partner, share your vision(s) with each other to make sure that you're in alignment (and so that you can be keeping each other's goals in mind).  Once you have a clear picture of how you want your life to be during the coming year, you can spend a little time each day getting into the feeling of having already accomplished these very goals.  By focusing on the feeling of a positive outcome, you are creating internal alignment - which brings clarity to your interactions with the world around you.  On a practical level, that clarity will help you prioritize the various opportunities that come your way.  You'll also be sending a clear message to the world around you about where you're headed - and, in accordance with the Law of Attraction, the world will definitely respond in kind.