All of this personal development can be hard work - but if you're getting stressed out by trying to be the "best YOU you can be" then you're missing the point.  Stop being so serious, and do something stupid for a change.  If need be, you can follow our simple recipe for quick-and-easy homemade bagels.

This morning my wife and I had a quick discussion about what to make for breakfast.  We had a problem, though - the proverbial cupboard was bare.  There was some cereal, but considering that we'd had a late-night snack of it in a post-Thanksgiving fit of the munchies, we weren't that excited to have another bowl less than 8 hours later.  Yikes!  After all, if you heard the song I wrote about breakfast, then you know that it's considered to be quite the important meal in this household.  Well, two heads were definitely better than one in this case, and in the nick of time, just before Dash started demanding 100% of someone's attention, creative genius presented a solution: quick and easy homemade bagels!

easy to make homemade bagels and cow sculpture

Plus, you may notice that this doubles as our daily dose of artwork - we call it "The Happy Morning Cow".

So today, do something ridiculous.  Play with your food.  Draw a portrait of your partner with a periwinkle crayon.  Grab an unwanted piece of mail and tear it into as many little pieces as you can possibly make.  Put your clothes on backwards.  Make some homemade bagels (and let me know if you still think you need the recipe).  All in the name of being the best "you" you can be, of course - if you need a reason.  Have a great weekend!