Breakfast.  It's an important meal.  All the professionals tell you to eat it.  Even some amateurs will tell you to eat your breakfast (the nerve!).  So what do you do when you wake up one day feeling under the weather, and eating a big healthy breakfast is the last thing on your mind?

Well, if you're me, you sing about it.  Almost as good.  Since I couldn't eat breakfast this morning, I spent some time in the dining room recording this ditty, which I wrote a few months ago as an ode to my favorite meal of the day.  I'd always wanted to write music for kids (and their parents) - stuff that's relevant, catchy - you know, the kind of music that you want to stick around for when your kids are dancing to it around the living room.  I think (hope) this fits the bill. 

Click the blue arrow to listen in your browser, or download the tune to dig it at your convenience.  Bon appetit!  It's the soundtrack of all your breakfasts-to-come. 

Breakfast, please! - a tune by Neil Sattin

You can also visit my music page to hear other songs that I'm recording.