I submitted my article about how to get a job with no experience to the personal development blog carnival, which was hosted this week by askthecareercounselor.com.  There are quite a few other links in the blog carnival, so please check them out, and tell everyone that Neil Sattin sent ya!  More coming soon - finishing up an article about Hypnobirthing that's sure to fulfill your desire to hear all about Dashiell's arrival.

We're wrapping up a weekend that was full of donut-making thoughts.  Dash has his first head cold, which has made him a bit less "happy" than usual, but overall he's weathering the sneezes pretty well.  He still thinks it's funny to sneeze.  And I'll keep laughing along with him - I'm sure that'll keep both of our immune systems functioning at their peak.  The maple tree in our backyard has started turning bright yellow (pictures to come), which is great except for the sheer enormity of the raking that awaits us.  And today Tonya and I talked about whether or not it really is possible to do it all.  No answer yet, except that we're going to keep trying.  Saw some friends, cooked dinner for the in-laws, and tended to our little sneezer.  And thought about donuts.  Did I mention that I thought about donuts?  Oh right, yep - just did.

That was my weekend, how was yours?