My apologies.  Perhaps you've noticed that occasionally, over the past several weeks, this site would basically vanish off the map for hours at a time?  You'd rush out to tell your friends about the dog training tips you'd seen here, and they'd tell you that when they visited they saw nada, zip, zilch?  Well, no more, I tell you!

 I've moved operations over to a much more reliable web host (, where I hope to experience as little down-time as is technologically possible.  For a little while there we were stuck in dns-limbo, which basically meant that we HAD, in fact, fallen off the map.  I'm happy to report that we're back - finally!

Some new stuff in the works to tell you about as well.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be transitioning most of the dog training discussion to my new blog,  While I had initially envisioned that would be everything-important-to-me-under-the-sun, I have come to realize that the dog training information really merits a site of its own.  The point is to honor those of you who care primarily about dog training info so that you don't have to sift through my thoughts on personal development, fatherhood - etc.  You can cut through to the nitty-gritty by just visiting 

However, both of these sites will be updated regularly, so if you still DO want to know about all the other stuff, along with dog training, please keep on coming by!  I'll do my best to alert you to points of interest/intersection between the two sites as well.

All aboard!