Music by Neil Sattin

I've loved music for as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid, my mother used to play the piano, and my sister and I would dance around the living room to the various classical pieces she knew.  She also played guitar and sang traditional folk tunes - quite a musical influence on me (along with all the other ways a mother influences her son).  While my father could be called upon for random barnyard sounds, I found out later on that he's a pretty mean accordian player (and if you're reading this, Dad, I want to hear more!). 

I started composing little ditties at a young age, and by high school I was writing tunes for the various bands in which I played.  A considerable amount of time was devoted to songwriting in college, but after several years of post-college musical stints, I decided to take a break from music.  Not a complete break, of course - but enough of a break to figure out what music really meant to me in my adult life. 

With the birth of my son Dash (see more about him on HappyDash, my wife's site), I've been much more inspired to write music, and my desire to be putting music out there has increased.  I'm writing music for a children's album, which will be released sometime during the first half of 2008.  Here are a couple of my earlier children's tunes for your listening pleasure.

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 You can click the little blue arrow in order to play the songs in your browser, or you can just right-click and download them to your computer for listening at your leisure.  Enjoy!

Song #1 - It's Easy - a lullaby

Song #2 - Breakfast, please! - music for kids and the adults who feed them (but listen even if you don't have kids)