Personal Development and Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: Find your intuition and learn how to trust it

How many times have you had a difficult choice to make? And of those times, how many times have you been caught up in a headspin of trying to figure out what the best choice was? Did anyone ask you what your “gut” was telling you? And did you know? If you did know, did you follow your gut’s advice? And how did that work for you? Or was it so difficult for you to figure out the “right” decision that you never made any decision? Our gut feelings represent our intuition, and listening to our intuition is the key to overcoming a stalled decision-making process. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to figure out what your intuition is telling you, and why it’s important to trust your intuition.

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The Law of Attraction and Life as Improvisation: Breathe and say YES

I went to clown school. Yes, you heard me right: clown school. It wasn’t “white face and big scary hair” clown school, it was “eccentric performing” clown school- in the style of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin (also known as “theatrical clowning” or “physical comedy”). While I did practice things like “walking an imaginary tightrope with your fingers” and “20 ways to slide off a chair”, I also learned some things that have been very practical in real-life applications. In clown school you learn how to walk onto an empty stage in front of an audience and create a world, a world in which you are fully present. It’s being fully present, in the moment, that creates moments of comedy (and tragedy). Basically the only way that you can live a balanced, well-rounded life is to be fully present for each moment of your life – that way you can have the most successful improvisation possible (because each moment of our lives is an improvisation). Clown school taught me some important life lessons, and in this article I’m going to share the two most important lessons with you.

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Photoreading: An experiment begins as I embrace the Photoreading system plus some thoughts about Steve Pavlina

Ten months ago, in a burst of personal development enthusiasm brought about by several nights of zealous consumption of the contents of Steve Pavlina’s website, I decided to buy the PhotoReading Deluxe system. I was so inspired by what Steve Pavlina wrote about it (and the generous discount being offered) that I decided to give it a whirl – my life had been busier than I had ever experienced, and my time to read (something that I had always treasured) had all but evaporated. That was ten months ago, and all I have to show for it, at the moment, is a bunch of e-mails from the Learning Strategies corporation trying to get me to buy other stuff (OK – maybe I’m an easy target – I also bought a bunch of the Paraliminal CDs at the same time). Today Steve Pavlina re-offered the PhotoReading discount to readers of his site, and I’ve let that be my kick-in-the-ass to get started on the program. I bought it, after all! Plus, I figure that many of you will be interested to hear about how well the program works as you consider buying it, and this will be my opportunity to share my experience with you.

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The Law of Attraction and The Best Days of Your Life

In the Joy of Sadness, Steve Pavlina addresses ways that a particular state of consciousness can transform a negative experience of a negative feeling into a positive experience of a negative feeling. Our emotions happen within us as we’re hit by the emo-tons of the world (like protons and electrons, but with emotional energy – something I write about on my dog training blog as well), and then we have the ability to make choices about our experience of those emotions. In this article, I talk about a method for getting to that state of consciousness, where you conjure up good feelings (by focusing on one of the best moments of your life) and then returning to whatever it is that caused the “negative” emotion…but with the good feeling putting a new spin on the “bad”. And you get to experience one of the best moments of my life right along with me. 🙂

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Spiritual Healing in New York City

Toni, Dash, and I just returned from our trip to New York City, where we visited with friends, shopped a little, and saw the sights. I had only been to NYC twice before (and neither time for very long); however, Toni used to live there, and I was really looking forward to seeing the city through her eyes – as well as watching Dash take it all in for the first time. This was also our first vacation together as a family, and all of us were in need, I think, of some time away from our “normal” existence – a chance to see things through a new perspective as visiting a new place can only help you do.

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What’s been going on, anyway?

My apologies.  Perhaps you've noticed that occasionally, over the past several weeks, this site would basically vanish off the map for hours at a time?  You'd rush out to tell your friends about the dog training tips you'd seen here, and they'd tell you that when they...

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Dog Training: How to Turn a Negative Mindset into a Positive Mindset through Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Action

In the Abundance Mindset, Steve Pavlina talks about the “outrage script” – which essentially is the mindset where you judge others for spending what you might consider to be “outrageous” sums of money on “extravagances” (such as a $10,000 hotel room). He goes on to talk about how this script limits us in terms of our financial situation, essentially assuring us that we will be out of resonance with having the kind of money that would enable US to spend 10k on a hotel room without giving it a second thought. It got me to thinking how, in general, a negative mindset in the way that you view others, yourself, and your dog will be way less productive than a positive one, and, believe it or not, this has a major influence on your dog training progress as well.

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    this podcast have really help me to put things in perpective in many dificults times!

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