How do you stay curious in your relationship? And how do you get rid of the stories that you tell yourself – about your partner (or about yourself) – that are holding you back? This is the third episode of our “Core Relationship Principles” series. Chloe Urban and I show you exactly how to know when it’s time to bring your curiosity back online, how to identify when a “story” is getting in your way, and what to do to make the shift. Some stories can empower you, for sure – but the more that you’re able to get out of you story and into reality, the better your relationship will be. After listening to this episode, you’ll have some solid strategies for infusing your relationship with curiosity and the powerful truth of “what is”.

Also, here is a link if you’d like to listen to our first episode in the series, covering how to support each other without becoming co-dependent.

And, here is a link if you’d like to listen to our second episode in the series, covering ways to infuse your relationship with play, fun, and humor.


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