What is the balance between Freedom and Commitment in your relationship? How do you cast off the ways that society has programmed you to be in relationship, in favor of your OWN way, a way that actually supports you and your partner in creating the relationship that’s right for you? Why is it that the more committed you become to your partner, the more you’re able to freely explore what’s possible in relationship?

This week’s episode is a conversation between Neil and his partner, Chloe, in which they answer the questions above – and reveal that they recently got engaged! In addition, Neil and Chloe offer a powerful tool to bring awareness and intention to harness your ability to break free of the ways that you’re “supposed” to do relationship – so that you can experience life and your potential in a new way. You’ll hear the tool in action towards the end of this week’s episode.

And finally, as a reminder, Neil and Chloe have a free meditation that helps you transform pain into possibility on their website, thenewloveparadigm.com – you can visit their website OR simply text the word “POSSIBLE” to the number 33444 and follow the instructions to receive the download link. We look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts about this week’s episode!